Salt and straw welcome your new chocolate ice cream

salt and straw welcome b New chocolate assortment of ice cream for the month of February 2023. The gathering is known as after the ice cream chain that has partnered with many chocolatiers throughout the nation to create the flavors.

Salt & Straw’s Chocolatiers vary consists of the next objects:

Gold bars with almonds from Fran Small sized items of golden franz almond bars blended with salted vanilla ice cream topped with caramel and darkish chocolate stracciatella.

Cloudforest Chocolate Ishpingo & Mango – Tart lemon verbena sherbet spiced with espingo (a cinnamon-like spice grown in Ecuador) blended with darkish chocolate ice cream made in collaboration with Cloudforest and a bar of mango curd.

Dandelion, cocoa nibs and frangipane – Darkish Cacao Nibs in Chicory Drenched to create an incredible roasted chocolate ice cream made with Darkish Cacao Nibs from chicory blended with sweetened darkish cocoa and a frangipane swirl sprinkled with crushed almonds.

Compartice Espresso & Love Nuts – Espresso Ice Cream with Comparti’s Love Nut (walnuts caramelized with Tahitian vanilla, sprinkled with sea salt, and coated with 14 layers of chocolate.

Exquisito Guanabana Stracciatella – Guanabana sherbet with a darkish chocolate stracciatella bar.

Picture by way of Salt & Straw.

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