Review: Taco Bell – Steak Chili Verde Nacho Fries

Taco Bell Steak Chili Verde Nacho Fries Serve the seasoned fries with our new chile verde sauce, heat nacho cheese sauce, three cheese combine, low-fat bitter cream, crispy fiesta strips, and seasoned grilled steak.

It price me $4.99.

The brand new chili verde sauce was very spicy with a medium warmth. It was creamy and barely savory with only a trace of cilantro. The inexperienced supplied a considerably placing pastel lime hue that made a welcome addition to the standard browns, yellows, reds, and oranges that make up a lot of Taco Bell’s coloration palette.

Taco Bell Steak Chili Verde Nacho Fries 3/4-view.

Moreover the brand new sauce, Fiesta chips had been the opposite standout topping on the Steak Verde Nacho Fries since the remainder of the elements could be present in virtually each iteration of the nacho fries Taco Bell has put out. Whereas the crunch of the Fiesta slices would not maintain up properly within the steamy confines of a burrito, they stayed extra-crunchy on the much less steamy inside of a tray with nacho fries.

Sadly, the fries ended up being considerably crunchy in the identical tray however they delivered a barely spiced and fried potato taste. Nonetheless, the Fiesta chips made up for the shortage of crunch/crunchiness of the fries, whereas additionally including some fried corn notes.

Taco Bell Steak Chili Verde Nacho Fries Closeup.

The nacho cheese supplied a light tacky taste with some added texture from the three shredded cheese mix. The bitter cream was a little bit of a scratch as a result of the chile verde sauce actually delivered comparable tangy and creamy notes to go together with its additional taste and warmth.

The steak had a very good barely spiced beef taste and was tender however extra like braised beef (or perhaps like strips of bacon). There have been only some slides to go round.

Taco Bell Steak Chili Verde Nacho Fries Close Up With A Fork.

Total, Taco Bell’s Steak Chile Verde Nacho Fries made for a really acquainted tackle Taco Bell’s Nacho Fries, however it managed to make some enjoyable tweaks with its new Chili Verde sauce and crispy Fiesta chips.

Dietary data – Taco Bell Steak Chili Verde Fries
Energy – 550 (from fats – 310)
Fats – 34g (Saturated Fats – 6g)
Sodium – 1220 mg
Carbohydrates – 44g (sugar – 3g)
Protein – 15 g

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