Review: Taco Bell – Double Beef Volcano Burrito

Taco Bell Double Beef Volcano Burrito It has a double portion of marinated beef, a three-cheese mix, seasoned rice, low-fat bitter cream, crispy tortilla strips, and lava sauce all wrapped in a heat tortilla.

I purchased one for $4.29.

My beef double burrito assembled very well with the considerably slim burrito folding operate. I would not name it utterly “blocky” however it was filling up properly. The filling was additionally nicely distributed.

For essentially the most half, the Double Beef Volcano Burrito, very similar to a limited-time burrito from Taco Bell, serves up a really acquainted mixture of beef, cheese, bitter cream, rice, and chips.

Taco Bell Double Beef Volcano Burrito Cross Section.

The meat and rice supplied many of the taste with related seasonings, whereas the cheese and bitter cream added a creamy richness and a little bit of tang. Between the components there was simply the correct quantity of various textures from the creamy cheese to the gentle grains of rice to the crunchy Fiesta slices.

Along with the regulars, Lava Sauce provides a mildly spicy warmth, a little bit of spice, a touch of taste, and a light-weight, creamy cheddar cheese base. It enhances the opposite components nicely.

General, Taco Bell’s Double Beef Volcano Burrito makes for a extra flavorful and spicy model of the considerably commonplace however well-made Taco Bell burrito.

Dietary Info – Taco Bell Double Beef Volcano Burrito
Energy – 660 (from fats – 330)
Fats – 37g (Saturated Fats – 11g)
Sodium – 1390 mg
Carbohydrates – 62g (sugar – 5g)
Protein – 20 g

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