Review: Stewardess – Chocolate Caramel Kazbars

Hostess Chocolate Caramel Kazbar It options two chocolate cake sandwich layers of cream, sweet crunch, and caramel, topped with a chocolate glaze and candy drizzle.

A ten-ounce field incorporates 8 minis and prices approx $5 However I received this praise from the hostess

Hostess Chocolate Caramel Kazbars Bar in a wrapper

Kazbar is smaller than most Hostess snack truffles however comes topped with a well-recognized chocolate coating that is fluffy and candy. Drizzle of rain appears to be extra visually interesting than anything.

The cake supplied a well-recognized texture however was considerably moist on account of it being so layer coated.

Unwrapped Hostess Chocolate Caramel Kazbars mold

What’s totally different is the mixture of caramel, cream, and fudge within the center.

The caramel contributed gentle caramel notes and a contact of saltiness, whereas the cream filling cream supplied extra of a paste-like texture like Oreo moderately than a whipped cream like texture in Twinkie or Ding Dong.

The sweet crunch had a lightweight, ethereal crunch, but it surely was extra of a textural distinction than an added taste.

Hostess Chocolate Caramel Kazbars Bar cross section

All collectively, the Hostess Chocolate Caramel Kazbar is a smaller hybrid dessert cake combine than the everyday Hostess snack cake. As such, it felt a bit richer and sweeter with the caramel and toffee crunch making a noticeable distinction. It makes an ideal selection within the Hostess lineup.

Dietary data – Hostess Chocolate Caramel Casper
Serving Measurement – 1 Bar (36 g)
Energy – 140 (from fats – 60)
Fats – 7g (Saturated Fats – 5g)
Sodium – 120 mg
Carbs – 21g (Sugar – 17g)
Protein – 1 g

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