Review: Papa John’s – Papa’s Chicken Parmesan Bites

Papa John’s Hen Parmesan Papa Bites Grilled rooster, pizza cheese (any cheese made with mozzarella), parmesan, and pizza sauce are all wrapped in pizza dough, baked, after which completed with a garlic parmesan seasoning. They arrive and are served with pizza sauce for dipping.

An order prices 8 items $4.99 However I obtained this praise from Papa John’s.

They could have gone just a little too far with the garlic parmesan seasoning (or tilted the field too far throughout supply) because the field was absorbing fairly a little bit of the grease and was seeping by the underside of the field a bit.

Baba’s Parmesan rooster items have been rolled and reduce extra uniformly than my earlier order Oreo Cookie Papa Bites. The chops came mostly filled with cheese, chicken, and a little bit of pizza sauce. Despite the appearance of the boxes, the Garlic Parmesan Seasoning on the Bites wasn’t particularly greasy.

Contemplating that the Hen Parmesan Papa Bites took just a few of present Papa Johns substances and gave it a unique look, there weren’t any surprises right here but it surely made for an ideal mixture of tastes and textures.

The rooster was moist and flippantly seasoned, and the pizza solely added a contact of sweetness and aroma, whereas the pizza cheese was deliciously creamy to match the salty morsel of Parmesan. Like chain pizzas, the dough hardly ever will get crunchy but it surely was good right here for an ethereal chew. Plus, the Garlic Parmesan seasoning contributed to a enjoyable, tangy, buttery-garlic taste with further dried spices, extra Parmesan, and salt.

Total, Papa Johns Hen Parmesan Papa Bites was good with an fascinating style not not like Hen Parmesan; Simply with completely different proportions of substances. It may use just a little crunch, though pizza sauce appears superfluous given the general saltiness of the bites.

Dietary info – Papa John’s Hen Parmesan Papa Bites
Serving Dimension – 1 Papa Bites
Energy – 110 (from fats – 40)
Fats – 4.5g (Saturated Fats – 2g)
Sodium – 280 mg
Carbohydrates – 10g (sugar – 1g)
Protein – 6 g

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