Review: Krispy Kreme – Reese’s Remixed Donuts

Krispy Kreme Donut Reese’s Remix It includes a trio of donuts together with Reese’s Salty Candy Crunch Donut, Reese’s Salty Candy Crisp Donut, and Reese’s Outrageous Donut.

Reese’s Salty Candy Dozen (which incorporates three varieties of every of Reese’s Remixed Donuts plus three forms of Authentic Glazed Donuts). $19.99 Near me however I bought this courtesy of Krispy Kreme.

The Reese’s Salty Candy Crunch Donut was impressed by Reese’s Salty Candy Crunch Donut. It consisted of a donut shell full of Reese’s Peanut Butter, dipped in Reese’s Peanut Butter Cream, topped with Hershey’s milk chocolate, and topped with salty praline items.

The looks of the pastries just isn’t nice. They give the impression of being sort of like hen pellets. Maybe it could have seemed nicer if they’d gone with the traditional pretzels. There was a very good crunch to them to go together with a lightweight, sweet-salty flavour, with a barely caramel taste however there have been no pretzel notes. Salty Candy Crunch Donut delivers the strongest taste of peanut butter with the candy creamy peanut butter flavors of cream and the sweeter peanut butter of icing. The milk chocolate cream added refined chocolate flavors and further sweetness.

Candy and Crunchy Reese’s Salted Donut was impressed by the Massive Cup full of Reese’s Potato Chips) and featured an authentic donut dipped in Hershey’s milk chocolate, topped with potato sticks, a drizzle of milk chocolate icing, a drizzle of Reese’s Peanut Butter Sauce, and a creamy peanut butter filling. Peanut from Reese.

Because it was glazed and dipped in icing, the Salty Candy Crisp Donut was manner too candy in comparison with the Salty Candy Crunch donut. The potato sticks have been barely crunchy and salty with a lightweight fries flavour. It supplied probably the most balanced ratio of chocolate to peanut butter however was missing within the chips division.

The Reese’s Outragus Donut was an authentic donut dipped in Hershey’s milk chocolate cream, topped with Reese’s Minis, topped with Reese’s Peanut Butter Sauce and Salted Caramel Cream.

Just like the Salty Candy Crunch Donut, it was manner too candy from being glazed and dipped in icing. It was largely just like the chain’s chocolate-iced donut with refined hints of peanut butter and salted caramel and topped with the crispness and peanut butter of Reese’s Mini Bars.

All three Reese’s remixed donuts have been enjoyable, however my favourite was the candy salted Reese’s donut as a result of it supplied the strongest Reese’s peanut butter qualities and probably the most balanced sugar-to-donut ratio. Though it lacks the sturdy pretzel flavors, it nonetheless has a very good crunch.

Dietary info – Candy Donut Crunch Crispy Cream Reese Salty
Energy – 410 (from fats – 210)
Fats – 23g (Saturated Fats – 9g)
Sodium – 300 mg
Carbohydrates – 46g (sugar – 25g)
Protein – 6 g

Dietary info – Candy Crisp Krispy Kreme Reese’s Donut
Energy – 390 (from fats – 190)
Fats – 21g (Saturated Fats – 8g)
Sodium – 190 mg
Carbohydrates – 48g (sugar – 28g)
Protein – 5 g

Dietary Info – Reese’s Outrageous Krispy Kreme Donut
Energy – 300 (from fats – 130)
Fats – 14g (Saturated Fats – 7g)
Sodium – 130 mg
Carbohydrates – 40g (sugar – 25g)
Protein – 4 g

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