Quick Sunomono (Japanese Cucumber Salad). Cooking video recipe

I make this nearly every single day for my son’s bento lunch field 😊

Very tasty but addictive with slightly sesame oil 👍

Mizkan Shiro Dashi Skilled Sauce Style ミ ツ カ ン プ ロ 使 う 味 白 だ し

Mild vinegar with dashi


Fast Sunomono (Japanese Cucumber Salad Recipe)

Problem: very straightforward

Time: 5 minutes

Variety of servings: 2


1 Japanese cucumber (recent is greatest)

Sprint of sesame oil

Toasted white sesame seeds


1. Rub the cucumbers with salt and rinse with water to melt the prickly floor of the recent cucumbers. Merely washing is okay.

2. Reduce the cucumber into thick slices and add 1 tbsp. delicate vinegar with dashi and 1 tbsp. Mizkan shiro dashi sauce with skilled style, and slightly sesame oil. You’ll be able to serve it straight away, however I at all times depart it in a single day so the cucumber slices take in the flavour.

3. Sprinkle toasted white sesame seeds to complete.

レ シ ピ (日本語)


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