McDonald’s Canada is offering Big Mac Sauce in sauce cups for a limited time

McDonald’s Gives Massive Mac’s secret sauce in the identical sauce cups Whenever you get a restricted time McNugget’s Hen Sauces inside Canada.

McDonald’s Massive Mac Sauce might be discovered at collaborating places throughout Canada for a restricted time by March 6, 2023.

Apparently, they really used to serve Secret Massive Mac sauce in sauce jars not way back in Canada. This is not the primary time McDonald’s has served Massive Mac sauce in a dipping cup, both — they’ve served the identical factor extra in Australia on a minimum of one event.

It is likely to be protected to say that Massive Mac sauce may be very common in Canada and Australia as a result of each nations have seen the sauce bottled and bought at numerous factors.

Right here within the States, the closest we have gotten is to serving 10,000 bottles of Massive Mac Sauce in 2017.

McDonald’s described the Massive Mac sauce as “creamy and savory balanced by the sourness, bitter mustard taste, pickle relish, onion powder and savory flavors”. It was launched nationally once more in 1968 together with the Massive Mac.

Picture through McDonald’s Canada.

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