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Step 1

In a medium saucepan, add the potatoes and canopy with chilly water by 1 inch. Deliver to a boil, then cut back warmth to take care of a powerful boil and cook dinner till potatoes are tender, 15-20 minutes. Drain and return to the pot, then mash till the lumps are gone.

Step 2

Sift the flour, baking powder and salt in a medium bowl and blend collectively. Scrape potatoes onto a well-floured floor, then cowl with half of the flour combination and knead gently till mixed. Repeat with remaining flour.

Step 3

Make an indentation within the middle of the dough and add the eggs and oil. Working inward, begin folding the dough towards the centre, kneading it as you go and including extra flour as wanted to stop sticking. Proceed kneading till the moist substances are totally included and the dough turns into lumpy.

Step 4

Deliver a big pot of water to boil. Reduce the dough in half and roll it gently to kind two items. Divide every log into 5 equal items. Working with one piece, use the palm of your hand to softly flatten, then place a plum halves on prime with the hole pointing up. Place sugar cubes within the cavity if desired, then pinch the edges to coat and seal the plums into the dough. Roll gently to easy the floor. Switch again to floured floor and repeat with remaining peaches.

Fifth step

Boil the kneecap till it’s swollen and gentle, about 12 minutes. In the meantime, in a small skillet over medium-high warmth, soften the butter. Add the breadcrumbs and cook dinner, stirring often, till golden and aromatic, 4-5 minutes.

Step 6

Drain the joint and switch it to a plate. Sprinkle with sugar and breadcrumbs and serve instantly.

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