Bacon Potato Rolls (Super Easy Potato Recipe) | Japanese cooking video recipe

Issue: very simple

Time: 10 minutes

Variety of servings: 2 servings


150g (5.3oz) potatoes

8 half slices of bacon

Salt and Pepper

1 tbsp. Sake * White wine or water is OK


1. Lower the potatoes into skinny slices. Soak it in water to do away with extra starch and filter it properly.

2. Place the potato slices on the tip of the bacon and begin wrapping them. Fasten with toothpicks.

3. Put the potato bacon rolls on a frying pan, add sake (white wine or water is OK), cowl and steam for 3 minutes.

4. Open and prepare dinner over medium warmth till the water disappears. Flip the rolls to prepare dinner the edges evenly and properly and brown. Season with salt and pepper to complete.

↓ レ シ ピ (日本語)

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